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  About this Repository Site

This site was created by the Laboratory of Neuroinformatics to describe BrainML and to serve as a repository for BrainML models. (A BrainML model is an XML Schema and optional vocabulary files describing a data model for electronic representation of neuroscience data, including data types, formats, and controlled vocabulary. See the other links at left for more information.)

The repository function of this site includes the following features:

  • BrainML models are published in searchable, browsable form.
  • Registered users may submit new models or new versions of existing models to accomodate data of interest.
  • BrainML model schema and vocabulary files are made available at fixed URLs to allow software applications to reference them.
  • Users can check models and/or instance documents for correct format before submitting them using an online validation service.

More information is contained in the "How to Query" and "How to Submit" links at left, and in our list of Frequently Asked Questions.

If you have any additional questions, please email us.


Weill Medical College of Cornell University