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Model Cortex
Submitter LNI Account
Version Version 3 (2007/10/31)
Namespace urn:bml/brainml.org:med.cornell.edu/Cortex/3
Comments Removed cortical_protocol and cortical_recording_location, and transferred descriptors to protocol and recording_location in BrainML/4.
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BrainML Model: "cortex"

This is a tabular description of the entities and fields making up the "cortex" data model. Regular expression notation is used to indicate quantities -- i.e., '?' following a term means 0 or 1 occurrence, '*' means 0 or more occurrences, '+' means 1 or more occurrences, and no following character means exactly 1 occurrence. Fields with names in (parentheses) are attributes in the XML; all others are subelements with text content. The term "ANY" under 'Contains:' means an element can contain any other element as content. This description is also available in XML format.

This schema specifies elements for the cortical neurophysiology datamodel used at neurodatabase.org . Most structures here build on more generic versions in the BrainML base package. Included are: Cortical Protocol Cortical Recording Site Experimental Submission

Depends on models: Neuron, AnimalSubject, BrainMetaL, BrainML
Index of Entities

cortical_neuronRecording source, specialized to cortical neurons.
container: recording_sitecontains: (none)
inherits: mammalian_neuronlinks: (none)
transmitter?controlledNeurotransmitter used by neuron.
receptor*controlledSynaptic receptor expressed by neuron.
spontaneous_firing_hz?integerSpontaneous firing rate of the Neuron, in Hz.
directed_firing?controlledFiring characteristics of Neuron when driven by stimulus or controlling action.
cell_class?controlledCell type of the Neuron.
classification_method?controlledMeans by which Neuron's cell type was determined.
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multiunit_recording_sourceRecording source for single or multiple electrodes recording multi-unit activity extracellularly.
container: recording_sitecontains: (none)
inherits: recording_sourcelinks: (none)
electrode_tip_diametermeasuredDiameter of electrode tip doing multi-unit recording.
electrode_nintegerNumber of electrode channels, for multi-electrodes.
electrode_spacing_x?measuredElectrode spacing in X direction.
electrode_spacing_y?measuredElectrode spacing in Y direction.
electrode_spacing_z?measuredElectrode spacing in Z direction.
description?long textDescription of the electrode arrangement.
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